I love to stir things up and ask questions.

My mission is to make you do the same.

I want you to reevaluate what you already know. 



My background 


Since i was 13 years old i've been going to the gym. Before that i trained at home with free weights utilizing all the knowledge i had. I  would pump up my biceps and sprint to the kitchen and squeeze out some fresh orange juice and empty every drop. At the time i didn't knew that juice wasn't the best musclebuilder. I just knew that juice was healthy so i put 2 and 2 together. - I Thought. "Healthy food + lifting weights had to equal gains"

Unfortunately it didn't work like that.


In the years to come i would spend hours of time on the internet consuming mostly falsities that i would follow religiously. This has caused me to become a critical consumer. I make some scientific data collecting whenever my "that can't be true-radar" goes on. My purpose with this site is to spare you from making the mistakes i made and educate you(and myself in the process), about topics that i find interesting. Personally i think it's important to have a nuanced approach and not becoming too extreme in your beliefs which, lets face it, most of us do. By that i mean that a very obese person probably shouldn't start their weight loss journey by stating "My new years resolution is to only eat salad and work out everyday". There's a middleway, one far less extreme which therefore is somewhat realistic. I believe that this "nuanced" approach can be applied in many perspectives in life, wheather it's regarding diet, training or physiotherapy(i'm a student of physical therapy)


Often things just can't be differentiated in to black or white, bad or good, even though it would make this world far less complicated. 


The problem? You know it. Moderate beliefs aren't exciting, it's the all or nothing attitude that makes the headline.

"Dairy might increase the risk of cancer but prevent cardiovascular disease" just doesn't make the same kind of announcement as "Dairy is deathly."  


The golden middle way are always overlooked and ignored because of the human "all or nothing mentality". Either we're fanatic and go to the gym everyday and eat nothing but rice and chicken or we lay on the couch all day watching netflix and eating chips. - If you're among the 10% of people who lives a perfect balanced life - congratiolations, you've won the game. 



When it comes to reaching a goal, I don't want you to waste your time putting your head in the beehive & hoping for the best. I want to help you to base your decisions on your road to success on something true, something that isn't made up by the media or the big steroid-inducing hulk from your gym.(unless he's s smartass)


Hasta la vista baby


Growing up in the times where Arnold Schwarzenegger was at his peak in the terminator movies and Sylvester Stallone was shooting down helicopters - I certainly had a plan to eventually look like them. As a teenager i would spend hours & hours reading online about programs, dieting & human physiology. Unfortunately the fitness industry is filled with lies and funny stories, which is why it took me long to start wearing a critical pair of glasses so i could seperate wrong from right.





I am currently studying Physiotherapy and is a certified personal trainer. However most of my knowledge on fitness is mostly obtained from articles, podcasts & scientific studies.


I love evolving in the area of fitness & health which is why i created this website.


 Especially i love how dynamic the fitness environment is and how it's constantly evolving.

- One day it's recommended that one shouldn't consume more than 1 egg a day. The next day you can eat as many as you want. 


Therefore it wouldn't be too smart relying on what you've learned 30 years ago(why some doctors say silly things"). If you want to sound some sort of clever t's necessary to put some time & effort in staying ajour and have a critical way of thinking. 





Jonas Bertelsen


Date of birth:

June 19, 1994



Odense, Denmark



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